Nigel: Silver Circle


I found Community Network while scrolling through the internet looking for voluntary work. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I chose Community Network because I liked the sound of what we offer. Also, because it’s only an hour a week I thought that would slot quite easily into my lifestyle.

I was trained as a facilitator in January 2016 and started facilitating my group the next month. The majority of the members of the group are ladies and they come from all backgrounds, in all corners of the country. Most of the members don’t get out a lot due to physical health so they enjoy the interaction with people they wouldn’t otherwise talk to, about things they wouldn’t otherwise talk about. It stimulates them; we chat about anything and everything, it’s so diverse.

I like volunteering because I like to give something back into society. I can’t begin to tell you how much pleasure it gives me to facilitate the group. It really makes me chuckle.