What we do

Community Network is a charity that tackles loneliness and social isolation using telecommunications.

In a world where people have more ways of communicating than ever before, it is easy to forget that many people are lonely, bored or lacking in mental stimulation. Sadly, loneliness and social isolation often go hand in hand with poor physical and mental health.

Experiencing loneliness is as dangerous to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, is more harmful than obesity and linked to heart disease and dementia.

By setting up Telephone Groups, we offer a simple way to socialise that is also accessible to some of the people most affected by loneliness including older people, carers and disabled people with mobility problems.

However our groups are not just for the socially isolated. We aim to include anyone who would like to talk to other people – so we are open to everyone..

In addition to our Telephone Group projects we deliver training for other organisations in facilitating groups on the telephone and online.

Here’s a summary of our services Com_Net_infographic_2016