Vape Use Is At An All Time High, What Does It Mean For Teenagers Health?

Vape Use Is At An All Time High, What Does It Mean For Teenagers Health?

With all of the e-cigarette options available the industry is booming. Due to this many adults have cut back on smoking cigarettes, which is great. The downside to this boom is how it is affecting teenagers.

Vapes and e-cigarettes generally have a pleasant smell, have attractive flavors and are easily hidden. These make them easy targets for teenagers, especially during school hours.

They were first marketed in China around 2003 as a healthier alternative to smoking for adults. They have come to children in the US and are being used prior to a child ever having smoked cigarettes.

The use of nicotine in any form is dangerous and addictive. One doctor, Dr. Larry Polsky, has said that it is easier for him to help those suffering from heroin addiction than nicotine addiction.  That shows the power of these e-cigarettes.

The fact that teenagers are using vapes for reasons other than smoking cessation is slowing progress that was gained by youth prevention programs against tobacco.

The number of cases where e-cigarettes have been found in high schools has been increasing in the last few years.  At one school in Calvert, MD vape usage among students reached 157 incidences. This figure is three times as high as the previous year.

The police officer of the mentioned school, Huntingtown High, states that he sees almost one student a day regarding the use of an e-cigarette. This along with the CDC’s 2018 report that 1 in 20 middle school aged students and 1 in 5 high school aged students had e-cigarettes, raises major concern for those with teenagers.

It is unknown what long-term health benefits may be from vaping. It could be that in years down the road we discover another problem from the aerosols contained in the vape. One thing that’s for sure is the use of nicotine from vapes may be a gateway for teens, making them more likely to try other drugs such as alcohol or opioids.

One of the most common makers of e cigarettes used by teens is the JUUL made by Pax Labs. They are easily hidden, as they look like USB devices. Try sites like this to get a starting point for ending your use of vaping devices.

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