So, have you heard of Twiddlemuffs? They are hand knitted muffs that have been specifically designed with the addition of buttons, beads, ribbons and zips to provide simple stimulation for active hands. People experiencing health conditions including dementia and arthritis can find them comforting.

And why are we interested in them? Well, two of our telephone group members recently discovered during a phone group conversation that they had hobbies in common – making twiddlemuffs.

We’ve now supported them to share contact details so they can exchange favourite knitting patterns.

This is a wonderful example of what makes our telephone groups so special.

They work because they are led by the members, not by us. Members look forward to their Community Network telephone group calls; we place them in a group with peers from across the country and all of a sudden they can combine to support one another, or in this case, support one another to support others!

Our groups belong to our members, they give them the opportunity to participate as equals in a place where their input is valued and as a result of all this they have improved mental wellbeing.

…and if you are interested in seeing an example ‘Twiddlemuff’ (with thanks to NHS Warrington and Halton NHS Trust) here you are.

…for more info on our telephone groups contact us.