Telephone facilitation training courses

Community Network provides a comprehensive telephone facilitation training course. Our course is designed to help organisations and groups get the best from telephone conferencing.

The training is conducted over the phone in four one-hour sessions, which means the training is accessible from anywhere as long as you have a phone and a quiet space.

Session 1
Explores the role of the facilitator and the different elements of the role that a facilitator may use during the group sessions

Session 2
Explains how groups work and how they develop

Session 3
Concentrates on three of the core skills you will use as a facilitator listening, questioning and responding to difficult behaviour.

Session 4
Is very practical and will provide information on confidentiality, data protection and equal opportunities

Training Benefits
Each person on the course will get some facilitation practice to help build confidence and to be able to competently facilitate telephone groups. The sessions are easy going and enjoyable, but most importantly it has been designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your telephone conference.

‘It was so good and I feel as though I want to use the techniques that I have been taught straight away’

‘I loved it, it was comprehensive , insightful, an eye-opener. I’m so excited to start our new group’

To find out more, contact Michelle Ballantyne, Deputy Chief Executive on 0207 923 5252 or emailing