Teens Are Becoming Addicted To Opioids After Dental Surgeries

Teens Are Becoming Addicted To Opioids After Dental Surgeries

Many times now when you undergo major surgery, you are prescribed an opioid painkiller. That means that for surgeries like wisdom teeth, or similar dental surgeries for teens, there is gateway access to opioids.

One oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Johnson, stated that he gives his patients opioid drugs fairly commonly after surgeries. And as mentioned above, a good number of these patients are teenaged.

What usually happens in the cases of opioid addiction at the dentist office is a teenager who goes in to have their wisdom teeth removed. If the teenager has an unknown tendency for addiction, they are given this opioid that is highly addicted and can’t stop using after the pain is gone.

A study by JAMA, states that among all professions Dentists are the top prescriber of these narcotic prescriptions. 7% of teens admitted that they continued to use after it was needed. This is an alarming statistic.

Dr. Johnson notes that while he does prescribe opioid medication, he acknowledges that there are alternative pain relief methods that are less addictive.

It is important that as a nation we focus on these alternative treatment options. This is due to the fact that structure and chemicals in brains, especially teens, are susceptible to becoming addicted to powerful drugs.

It is good to recognize the signs that your teen may be abusing drugs after the dentist. If the pain is felt is described as much more than is typical of the surgery, the teen could be lying to get more. Another warning sign is the use of the prescription before it should be completed.

It’s important not to ignore these signs as they could lead to serious problems in the end. Many parents don’t think their teen will become addicted after something as routine as going to the dentist.

According to the CDC, due to opioids 46 people die each day. Don’t let your child become one of those statistics. You can get more information about opioid prescription addictions here.

You can also make sure as the parent you are in control of the medicine and distribution schedule. You will only cause your child more pain in the future if you let them give in to the power of opioid prescriptions.

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