Staying connected over Easter









Many people are looking forward to Easter, a long weekend and a chance to relax with friends and families. For others the idea of four days away from work and contact with colleagues can be daunting. If that sounds familiar we’ve put together a few things you might find helpful.

1. If you’ve not got anything planned ask around friends and family to see if they are free. We assume everyone is busy over Easter but more often than not people opt to stay at home or in the local area. They might be waiting for you to call.

2. If friends and family do turn out to be busy then find something you really fancy doing and treat yourself to a special day. This could be a trip to the cinema, a walk in the park, watching a football match or taking the time to sit down and read the book you’ve been looking forward to. Give yourself something to look forward to.

3. If you log on to social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram remember that people tend to post their pictures of their happy parts of the weekend. They don’t take photos of the boring bits we all have, and lots of people will be having ordinary days at home.

4. If you need to chat to someone over the bank holiday weekend there are people from all over the UK on the Loneliness Forum who are supportive, interesting and interested – pop by and say hello!