Seafarers’ Link 10th Anniversary Conference

Throughout the year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary of Community Network’s Seafarers’ Link telephone groups.

We are hosting a get together 10th Anniversary celebration conference at Care Ashore for phone group participants. The conference has been generously funded by The Merchant Navy Fund and supported by Seafarers UK who are themselves celebrating their centenary.


When we’ve run the conference before many of the members had not previously met but felt as though they were amongst friends having spoken regularly on the phone.

We are intending to achieve the same again, consolidating friendships by bringing telephone voices face to face.

Those attending include members from the Royal & Merchant Navy, able seamen, captains, stewards, chief engineers, radio officer, fisherman’s widow to a nursing sister.

Ben, a Seafarers Link member and volunteer facilitator attended the conference with his wife. He finds getting out and about and participating in activities difficult after experiencing a number of strokes, so enjoys chatting with other seafarers on his call. They have become his telephone friends. Seafarers’ Link has given him friendship, laughs and a chance to exchange information.

“You feel like you are helping each other.” 

In addition to talks from SAIL, Seafarers UK and Community Network, a teleconferenced Cornish cream tea (a first we think) is going to be held catering especially for some of our members from the South West and elsewhere who are unable to travel.

Telephone group call to members who couldn't attend the conference

Attendees conference call with Seafarers’ Link members from across the UK.

If you are 50+ and have spent some of your life at sea, we’d love you to join Seafarers Link. Contact Chris Rankin at Community Network on 01752 812674 or 020 7923 5250. Or  download and complete our self-referral form here 

For more information please email .