This week is volunteers week. At Community Network we are really proud of our volunteers and the enthusiasm and skills they bring to helping us tackle loneliness and social isolation. With this in mind our most recent blog is from Rebecca, our Fundraising Intern who is one of many volunteers we say thank you to this week.

One of the reasons why I was struck by Community Network as a charity was due to the work they did in combating social isolation. I saw first hand how vulnerable and lonely the elderly can become when spending many hours on their own with no real support network, or no one to have a chat too. My nan was a perfect example of this, she was 90 and was a extremely happy and energetic individual who was a great lover of her kids and animals. She loved talking about the good old times, and would regularly tell me stories on how she lived in Kings Cross and Camden when she was younger (where I’m currently living now). I wish I had known about Community Network before she passed away last November, although I visited her weekly and she had lots of family and friends to support her, she was always happy to meet new people, and would always make new friends.Knowing my nan she would of hogged the phone a little, but I guess making new friends also involves a lot of listening too!

Since I’ve been volunteering as a Fundraising Intern, I have met some lovely people in the office, who really love the work they do for the charity, and want to help others through this too.  I guess then, the reason why I feel so passionate for Community Network as a charity is for the memory of my nan, if there was one thing I should and could of done for her it was this, so I urge you all to join up and make a new friend too!! I know for certain how this would of made my nan even happier, and I truly believe that by picking up a phone it could make hundreds happier too.