Margaret: In Touch prayer group

At 86, Margaret is still a regular church-goer, and sees facilitating a telephone prayer group as a good way to continue her work with the Roman Catholic Church now that she is less active than she used to be.

Before retiring, Margaret worked for more than 20 years in an NHS renal unit. Helping sick people has been an important part of her life.

“When you go to church regularly, you see who is ill or in hospital and you hear people’s problems. I used to take Holy Communion to people’s homes, but at my age I can’t do that so much,” she explains.

Margaret and two other ladies decided they needed to find a way to bring prayer meetings to people at home. So, they approached In Touch, a phone-based befriending scheme run by Camden Council in conjunction with Community Network. The result was the In Touch prayer group, which links up every Friday afternoon for half an hour.

“We started with just the three of us, but in the end we had seven or eight,” Margaret says. “Everyone looks forward to Friday at two o’clock and every time we meet, we always try to say the rosary – even if there are only two of us. To us it’s really serious. We pray to help people.”