London Telephone Communities for Older People

Welcome to Community Network’s London Telephone Communities service. This service is for older adults over the age of 65 years. The service connects older Londoners in groups over the telephone, for free in peer supported Telephone Communities.

Bernard 93, a member of London Telephone Communities

The service has partnered with a variety of organisations including Housing Associations, Local Community Groups, Local Age UKs, Carer’s Centres, and Stroke Clubs. Referrals continue to come in from GPs, Occupational Therapists and other health care professionals and we encourage as many people to get involved as possible.

As with most of Community Network’s services, Telephone Communities can be used for a variety of different reasons. They can be used to support home delivery book services, offer carers a means of connecting to others despite high demands on their time, join up a London wide service, and gather the feedback and opinions of patients by commissioners for example.

Whatever, an organisation’s interest Community Network can support you and your service users to stay socially connected and ensure that their mental health and well-being is maintained and improved.

On all Telephone Communities there is a volunteer telephone group facilitator who is trained by Community Network. This helps them understand the dynamics of the call and get used to facilitating in a telephone group environment. For more information about the role of a facilitator or if you would like to join a group or refer someone to a group, please go to the ‘Get Involved` section of this website.

For more information about London Telephone Communities for Older people, please give us a call on 020 7923 5250 or email