Just being on the end of the phone

Hi, my name is Marilyn.

I am an Operations Coordinator at Community Network. The main purpose of the role is to assist in the provision of an efficient, reliable audio conferencing service to other charities and not for profit organisations, also helping to monitor daytime conference calls.

Having always worked in the private sector, coming to work at this charity was a complete change and eye opener. A change in pace and a chance to be involved in helping to alleviate social isolation were key factors to accepting the task.

One of the first things I noticed was the unique connection felt when talking on the telephone to people you have never and may never meet, yet after a short time you are able to recognise voices, likewise they recognise yours and feel comfortable as you assist them in their conference.

Many people from various backgrounds are involved, those who need to express themselves, those who want to connect with like minded people, those who just love to talk and others who have lost connection with friends, family and society in general.

We maintain strict confidentiality creating a safe environment for all participants.

The best part for me… just being on the end of the phone line yet helping to improve the well-being of all those involved.

Marilyn, Operations Coordinator