Health and Happiness

I’ve got a cold… I agree it’s not an exciting opener but at least I’m honest. I didn’t chose to open with this because I need sympathy (although get well cards can be sent to the freepost address on the volunteering section of this site). I have decided to declare my state of health because it happens to all of us.

The thought of going outside to fetch a box of Lemsip is horrifying enough, let alone getting up for work in the morning and commuting into London with a head full of mucus. I even gave up a Six Nations ticket on the weekend for England vs. France in an effort to get better in my delirium! “Complete madness” rugby fans cry when you consider the England side’s win over the French.

Yes, being sick sucks. The effects of being unwell do not only impact on our mental and physical health but also on our social presence and how we connect with others. If going out becomes a herculean effort for me, how about those who have a disabling state of health? How would you connect to others?

Working at Community Network has given me the opportunity to see how important social connectedness is and how much a simple telephone call can make the world of difference. I have seen it raise a person’s confidence, make someone depressed laugh, give back a person a sense of identity, and even seen health improved. If one telephone call can do that to one person… and we offer group telephone calls… that’s a lot of people feeling better!

Makes you think… maybe it’s worth more investing in Community Network than Lemsip!