Deaths Related To Drugs, Alcohol, And Suicide Are Higher Than Ever Before

Deaths Related To Drugs, Alcohol, And Suicide Are Higher Than Ever Before

It is scary to hear the statistics on many drug and alcohol-related deaths rising. The United States started collecting data in 1999, and we are currently at a record high for deaths related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

In the last few years, these deaths related to narcotics have been on a steady increase in states across the nation. For example, the rate of these drug-related deaths rose 6% since 2017 according to Well Being Trust. Deaths related to suicide rose 4% across the US. Deaths related to fentanyl and other opioids rose a whopping 45%, tenfold from 2012.

The epidemic is affecting everyone from babies to the elderly. Some cases have tampered drugs while others are due to things like opioids in the system of the mother. Either way, addiction in some form is involved.

Some people might be wondering why this increase in deaths related to drugs and alcohol is happening so steadily. There are many reasons why these alarming statistics are occurring.

One of the factors is that things are more accessible than ever. There are lax gun laws in most states, which allow people access to means of suicide. Drugs are being trafficked at record rates as well and shipped across the world to wherever you are.

People are led to addiction when they feel as though they are alone or don’t belong. They need somewhere else to go, so they retreat to drugs, alcohol, or possible suicide. Our solutions thus far are clearly not effective.

We need to find solutions to this epidemic that is sweeping our nation. Various organizations like the Well Being Trust are coming up with ideas to slow this trend down.

These solutions include things like

  • Supporting programs aimed at promoting resilience in teens and children that survived trauma in childhood.
  • Promoting new policies for safer storing of narcotic medications, guns, and new state prescribing guidelines.
  • Rehabilitation and prevention programs for people at risk

If you would like to find more information about how you can work to protect someone you know, or someone in your family, from falling victim there is a wealth of resources available. It is important that you know how to recognize the signs of addiction and suicide risk. Visiting this website will over you are a starting place to learn more.

If you find someone you know has signs of addiction, please get them help right away. This is a serious matter, and things will not get better until we take action.

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