Carers in Hertfordshire

From April 2017 we are very happy to announce that we will be facilitating new telephone peer support groups in partnership with Carers in Hertfordshire.

Carers in Hertfordshire is a charity supporting those who are in an unpaid caring role for family, friends or neighbours.  One way they assist carers is through their Care Support Hubs which are situated throughout the county for carers to meet, find information about what is happening in their local area, get advice, support and make friends.  Community Network will create new telephone peer support groups to complement the Care Support Hubs, enabling those carers who cannot get to the face-to-face meetings to join weekly telephone support and friendship groups.

Project Driver

The aim of the project is to help Carers in Herts widen their support to those carers who cannot attend Care Support Hubs for any reason.

Outcomes of the project

The intended outcomes for carers as a result of this project:

  • sustained or increased emotional wellbeing
  • increase in confidence
  • carers increased resilience and ability to care for themselves

What the project involves

Community Network will join those carers who have contacted Carers in Herts initially to one of two new groups in the Stevenage area, facilitated by our volunteers.  Each group will have up to six participants.