Become a Facilitator

At Community Network, we are constantly on the look-out for volunteers to facilitate new telephone befriending groups.

What a facilitator does?

As a facilitator, your job is to:
  • lead one-hour group discussions on the phone, using Community Network's user-friendly telephone conferencing technology, with the support of our experienced operators
  • welcome each person to the group
  • be ready to prompt discussions, but know when to take a back seat
  • encourage and support people to take part and work well together
  • act as a referee if there are disputes
  • be neutral and practical.

Community Network's social inclusion team will also contact you regularly to check on your group and offer you any support you need.

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Who can become a facilitator?

Our facilitators come from all walks of life and include people who are working, as well as people who are retired. You can read some of their stories on this page. You will need to be good at listening as well as talking, and be a good planner, leader and problem-solver.

As a matter of good practice, we have recently started getting CRB checks for new volunteers.

How much time you will need to commit?

Before you take on a group of your own, we ask you to take part in a four-session phone-based training course. This is usually split over two weeks.

The course takes you through:
  • your role as a facilitator
  • how to form groups and work productively
  • handling conflict
  • confidentiality and consent.

As part of the course, you will get a chance to practise running a group, by facilitating part of each session.

Providing your training goes well, we will then offer you a group. You will need to commit to a set time and day - usually a one-hour slot each week - and ideally for a reasonable period of time. However, if you occasionally cannot manage a session, we will try to arrange cover for you.

How to apply?

Volunteer facilitator trainees usually come to us via our partner organisations or from volunteer centres. However, we would be pleased to hear direct from would-be volunteers. To find out more, contact Christopher Robertson, Social Inclusion Team Manager by phoning 020 7923 5263 or emailing

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