Bank holiday blues?

It’s the Wednesday after a long bank holiday weekend in which much of the UK experienced long awaited for sunshine and warm temperatures.  Back at work I’m remembering what I did over the weekend. It put it simply it was both fun and relaxing.

I’ve learnt that for me living on my own, it’s really important to plan things with other people around public holidays.  Otherwise the three day weekend becomes a big cavernous space that I feel I’ve failed to fill with BBQs, picnics and pub lunches with family and friends.  The reality is that for a lot of people who live on their own bank holiday weekends can be a trigger for feelings of loneliness.

The way we connect to other people has changed dramatically in recent years. On Saturday I spoke to no one but I did communicate with friends and family via email, text and Facebook.  The next day I spent time with actual people. It made a huge difference to my weekend. On Monday it was back to online communication.

For me there is no substitute for hearing another human voice. Many of the people we work with don’t have the internet and for them a telephone call and a neighbour popping in is what keeps them connected to the outside world.

With another long weekend at the end of May perhaps now is the time for us to think about how we can connect up with those around us and make bank holidays a happy, memorable  experience.