Baby Dies After Being Left In Car While Parents Get High

Baby Dies After Being Left In Car While Parents Get High

The rising number of infant deaths due to drugs is an unfortunate statistic to hear about.

Another case of this negligence occurred last week when a family in New Zealand got high and left their 8-month-old alone in a car, on a hot day.

The child, Isaiah Neil, was under the care of his parents and grandparents. Police reports say that the caretakers, Donna Catherine Parangi, Lacey Te Whetu, and Shane Neil, left the child to get high on a synthetic marijuana substance.

The trial against Donna Parangi, the grandmother, started in March of this year. The trial has brought up controversial evidence as both parents admitted guilt, while the grandmother denies any wrongdoing.

The evidence in reports from police says they are not sure what the cause of death is. The family states that the baby was left inside a hot car while there also appears to be signs of abuse to the baby.

The two parents stated that after doing the synthetic drugs, they all went to sleep for a few hours, and found Isaiah in the car after they woke up. He was barely breathing they say.

Upon finding their baby son in the car after waking up, they thought he might still be alive. The couple states that they let their son continue sleeping inside his crib.

When the parents again woke up, their son was no longer breathing, and they called an ambulance. They said they did try to revive him by using cold water.

After going over the evidence one of the most shocking parts of the case is the incredible power drugs have over people. The father, Shane Neil, told the jury that after the incident occurred, he proceeded to get high again.

Synthetic drugs are taking over parents’ abilities to properly parent, causing a wake of saddening deaths to children. This news story is entirely true and occurs more often than you would think.

It is important to prevent addiction and addiction-related problems as soon as they are recognized. It is also important to know that there are solutions.

Many people think that treatment options are hard to find, and this is not entirely true. One source of information on recovery institutions is available here.

Don’t wait until it is too late to take action, you never know the impact of these deadly substances.