Staying connected over Easter









Many people are looking forward to Easter, a long weekend and a chance to relax with friends and families. For others the idea of four days away from work and contact with colleagues can be daunting. If that sounds familiar we’ve put together a few things you might find helpful.

1. If you’ve not got anything planned ask around friends and family to see if they are free. We assume everyone is busy over Easter but more often than not people opt to stay at home or in the local area. They might be waiting for you to call.

2. If friends and family do turn out to be busy then find something you really fancy doing and treat yourself to a special day. This could be a trip to the cinema, a walk in the park, watching a football match or taking the time to sit down and read the book you’ve been looking forward to. Give yourself something to look forward to.

3. If you log on to social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram remember that people tend to post their pictures of their happy parts of the weekend. They don’t take photos of the boring bits we all have, and lots of people will be having ordinary days at home.

4. If you need to chat to someone over the bank holiday weekend there are people from all over the UK on the Loneliness Forum who are supportive, interesting and interested – pop by and say hello!

Volunteer at the Spartan Race

The Spartans are coming to town and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

We have secured an important partnership with Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle course racing series. We have the potential to raise much-needed funds for our community through this partnership. Overcoming obstacles is what we do best with your help.

Community Network is involved on the 16th May 2015 for the Spartan Race held at Allianz Park, North London. For this, we need to recruit at least 10 amazing volunteers and we thought of you!

Your presence will help us earn a monetary donation and your enthusiasm will ensure our runners and supporters enjoy an amazing day of achievements and camaraderie as you will experience yourself.

Are you ready for a crazy day of Spartan FUN? YES?!

Email with your Full Name, Phone Number and Age and we will add you to our amazing volunteer team.

59770817AROO! AROO! AROO!

Myth busting loneliness – Part 2

I’ve often heard it said that so and so couldn’t possibly be lonely; they’ve got lots of friends and family around them. They are busy, social and active – how could they be lonely?

The answer is simple; feeling lonely and being alone are not the same things.

You can be alone, revel in your solitude, enjoying the space you have to yourself, or you could live with others, have a frantic social life and still not feel strong bonds to people around you. Loneliness, it seems is a complex beast.

Woman drinking hot drink












I have lived alone for many years. I have experienced periods of loneliness and times where I’ve felt part of a community, connected to others around me. The cause of my loneliness was not about living alone, rather an overpowering sense that I might never have close friends who understood me, never be loved unconditionally by someone other than my parents and would never experience the magic of spending mythical, sunny bank holidays with loved ones.

Now I live happily on my own. I potter around, grateful there is no one to distract me from my “me time”. Fortunately I now feel more connected to my local community, have a supportive partner and a group of friends I wouldn’t trade in for all the gold in the world. My family have been there throughout, keeping me grounded.

Loneliness affects us all differently; some of us are more resilient than others, and there is no one size fits all answer – rather a number of things we can try to feel more connected, engaged and part of our communities.

At Community Network we offer ways to safely connect to others, on the telephone and online. We know it can be scary so our team of staff and volunteers are here to help you take the first steps to reconnect.

Angela Cairns
Chief Executive


Join our Talking Communities Team – Project Officer vacancy

We have an opportunity for a pro-active Project Officer to join our Talking Communities team. You will lead the set up, promotion and day to day running of telephone and video groups for people at risk of or experiencing loneliness in the UK.

If you have a passion for helping marginalised people to support one another, and have experience of managing volunteers and outreach we would love to hear from you.

You will be a joining us at a time of positive change as we continue to develop our services to alleviate the loneliness that can destroy health, well-being, and confidence.

£30,000 pro rata

The post is 21 hours per week with 28 days (plus public holidays) annual leave per annum – pro rata.

Closing date is 9AM on Monday 23rd February 2015 with interviews planned for the week beginning 2nd March 2015.

Recruitment pack

Application pack cover letter 26th January 2015

Community Network information sheet Jan 2015

Project Officer Talking Communities JD

Person specification Project Worker Talking Communities

Application form Talking Communities Project Officer

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Myth busting loneliness – part one

Being lonely is not a character flaw

Man standing alone by a lake

I’ve spoken before about the stigma attached to loneliness. I keep coming back to it because this type of prejudice prevents people getting the support they need to feel connected again.

There is a persistent myth that stops people from saying “I’m lonely. It is a myth that assumes that if you are lonely it is your own fault – something you have done wrong, that you are not trying hard enough, not friendly enough or good enough.

However, feeling lonely is a big part of being human. Loneliness is designed to tell us we’ve become disconnected, that we need to find other humans who we can bond and share with. It is telling us to find our people.

The challenge often comes in finding those who can make us feel connected again. Perhaps this is why any list of tips for banishing loneliness (including ours) mentions volunteering. Doing something to help others has been shown to boost confidence and it gives you a chance to broaden your social circle. You might not meet your people on day one, but you might meet someone who will introduce you to someone else who will be the person you can share confidences with, celebrate successes and have a giggle.

There is no quick, one size fits all way to stop feeling lonely, but if you need a safe space to share with others we will try to help. If you would like to try out one of our Talking Communities drop us an email to or call us on 020 7923 5250.