Added value

Much of what we do at Community Network is about adding value. As a social enterprise we sell teleconferencing.  Many of our customers are other charities and social enterprises. They know that using Community Network to have meetings with far off colleagues means that their money is not only spent a reliable provider but also goes towards combating social isolation, loneliness and supporting marginalised people UK wide. They also get a great, affordable, friendly service from the team here.  You will hear in future blogs from our teleconference operations.

With talk in the NHS increasingly turning to remote healthcare solutions my thoughts are that Community Network can also add value to Telehealth.  Telehealth is one way of reaching people with long term conditions, older people and those who find it harder to attend face to face appointments. These can be the very same people whose health problems are compounded by the devastating effects of loneliness and isolation.

Our telephone friendship groups can bring this added value to innovative solutions such as Telecare and Telehealth, helping to improving health and wellbeing and bring human voices to a lonely person’s world.

If you are a service provider and are interested in finding out more about how our work please do contact us on 020 7923 5250 or drop us an email to .

Angela Cairns

Chief Executive