Why Telephone Groups work

Our Theory of Change

At Community Network we’ve been busy updating our understanding of the self-esteem and sense of belonging people gain in our telephone groups and the changes we would want them to achieve through being a member of a group.

Katy Evans, Project Manager, said “The process deepened our own understanding of how we help our group members. It was great to get so many of us working together from all areas of Community Network and such a worthwhile experience!”

We held workshops with staff, trustees, volunteers and existing telephone group members to gain an understanding of their experience of the change we want to see in the communities where we work and how we see the role of Community Network in making that change happen.
Our Theory of change  defines the people that we work with, what we do, and the short and long term outcomes we expect to achieve. It is anchored on the premise that our groups make it possible to bring about enduring change in the most isolated members of our society.

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Community Network Theory of Change

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