7-year Old Child Finds A Bag Of Deadly Drugs At Subway

7-year Old Child Finds A Bag Of Deadly Drugs At Subway

How would you react if your child came to you with a suspicious bag of white powder?

This is what happened to a Connecticut mom recently this year. While at Subway in East Haven Connecticut, her 7-year old son came to her after playing with a baggie of white powder he found on the chip rack. The boy was unaware that the bag contained a deadly narcotic. He had played with the substance before showing it to his mother, which she turned in to the Subway manager. 

The worker alerted police the next day about the finding. The police confiscated the powder and found it to be the extremely dangerous substances fentanyl and cocaine.

The man who dropped the bag, Henry Marreror Rodriquez, 47, was caught by surveillance footage inside of the East Haven Subway. The video shows Henry Marreror Rodriquez entering the sub shop half an hour prior to the discovery and leaving without it. The footage clearly shows the drugs falling out of Rodriquez’s pocket as he goes to grab his phone.

For unknown reasons, the arrest took over a year. This week bail for Rodriquez was set at 50,000. Henry Marreror Roqriquez was charged with endangering a minor along with possession of the illegal narcotics.

While this story seems like it may be a rare occurrence, we all know that drugs are everywhere these days. This story brings awareness to the idea that it is never too soon to start the conversation about the danger of drugs with your children.

If this were your child, would you use this incident as an educational experience or ignore it? Luckily this probably hasn’t happened to you, and you can start educating your child now.

For more information about how to start the conversation check out this informative guide about how to prevent drug use. It’s never too early to start educating your children or teenagers about the risks of deadly substances like Fentanyl.

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