Making friends the Community Network way

Community Network is a charity and social enterprise combating social isolation and loneliness and their devastating effects on health and well-being. We do this by bringing people together on the phone and online to form Telephone Groups.

Our Telephone Groups give people the chance to socialise, share experiences and support each other. And, because  ‘meetings’ take place on the phone or online, they are easy to use and access – even for people who have mobility problems or a disability.

Telephone Groups are great fun for anyone who wants to talk and connect to other people. More importantly, they can make a real difference to people who are lonely or socially isolated.

We involve and train volunteers to run our groups, as well as facilitating groups commissioned by other organisations, such as health charities.

There is more information on this website about the services we offer and how peer support works to prevent and alleviate loneliness. You can view our consultancy and training offer here.

Community Network’s day to day running costs are partly funded by the income from its teleconferencing service for other charities and not for profits, operated by The Phone Co-op. You can find out more about the teleconferencing service at The Phone Co-op or by calling 020 3559 9000.  Nominate a charity to receive 500 FREE minutes teleconferencing by quoting ComNet Details here